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Peter Sweet has developed his approach to teaching over more than twenty years of professional work as a creator and performer. In his workshops and private lessons Sweet teaches the tools that he uses on stage, in life and on the dance floor. He offers workshops around the world and has previously been a guest teacher at:

Bayrisch Theater Academy, Germany

Die Etage, Circus Department, Berlin Germany

Marburg University, Arbeitskreis Integrative Medizin, Germany

Stockholm University of the Arts, Sweden

ZHdK - Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland

Fonty / Codarts FHK Masters in Choreography Netherlands

Centre Tao Paris, France


Every person’s signature is unique, because it is the result of a unique human being, expressing themselves through their moving body. The same is true of every handshake, every note played on every violin, every stroke of a brush on canvas and every tango step across the room. How we move shapes how we feel, moment to moment, and impacts how we express ourselves in all that we do.

Technique and Play

Techniques offer us infinite ways to refine our actions and express what we are in ways that can have an impact on others. "Play" offers us the opportunity to follow our impulses moment to moment in a spontaneous flow. When we bring the two together, we can evolve our expressive powers. 

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