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Peter Sweet works with companies large and small to create professional work that bridges the space between the soul of the artists and hearts of the public. Sweet specializes in working with physical performers including contemporary circus artists, dancers, clowns and physical theater actors. He directs work for indoor theater, circus and open air, in a range of styles from comedic to dramatic.

Research - Dramaturgy - Character development - Outside Eye - Show Development

Featured Works

Boleadoras con Silencio

Director / Co-creator

Performed and Co-created by Diane Rodríguez

Ode to No One

Outside Eye / Co-Troublemaker

2020, Berlin Circus Festival

Performed by Matthias Romir

Play Nice

Outside Eye

Contemporary Circus - 60 minutes on stage / 30 minutes outdoors

Starring Ariane Oechsner and Roxana Küwen

Die Etage - Circus Department

Director / Teacher

Peter Sweet led the creation of 5 shows between 2017-2020 In his role as the director of performance for the  Contemporary Circus Department at Die Etage School for the Performing Arts in Berlin Germany.


Die Überflüssigen

Outside Eye

Im Wechselspiel von Slapstick und trauriger Ernsthaftigkeit schaffen die Figuren es, ohne Worte die Normalität des Fortschritts auf den Kopf zu stellen.

Created and Performed by Theater Derweil


Facilitator of Play

A Contemporary Circus performance dealing with the Language of Objects

Created and Performed by Benjamin Richter


Director / Co-Creator

Grotesque Comedy show - 35 minutes, Outdoors

Co-created and Performed by Martin Dronsfield



I see the creation of a show as a collaborative process between the performers, the director and the material of the show itself. The artists' energy, imagination and pleasure to perform are the most important fuel for that process. As the director, I guide the research process and offer theatrical tools for developing the style of the work. I work with the artists to shape their creative impulses into a show that will move the audience night after night.

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