The starting point for all of my work is to bring you along with me into a state of awake, playful, readiness. This creates the conditions for effective action. When you feel your own body and breath, and really see the space around you, then you begin to listen more fully to what is happening in each moment. Your own impulses become more clear, as well as the subtle signals from your environment. When you take action from this place, you enter that glorious state that people call “presence”, “flow” or “play”.


I think of entering this state like starting your engine and pulling out of the driveway. It’s like getting your instrument out of it’s case and placing your hands on the strings. What do you want to play? Where do you want to go? What are you going to do when you get there?

No upcoming events at the moment

Due to the current restrictions around COVID19, all workshops are suspended until further notice.


Previous Workshops

  • The Neutral Mask
    Fr., 09. Juli
    The neutral mask is a powerful tool for cultivating clarity of movement and presence on stage. By enabling you to identify your own unique movement characteristics, it invites you to quiet the “noise” in your body and clarify your gestures in time and space. Enter the silence of the neutral mask.
  • Balance in Challenge
    So., 15. März
    Balance in Challenge is a highly personalized 8-day workshop designed to help you cultivate clear presence, ease of movement and freedom of expression in life, on stage or on the dance floor.