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Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique offers a chance to upgrade your "operating system", to make a simple shift in how you move that will affect how you feel in everything that you do. Peter Sweet has been practicing the Alexander Technique since 2001 and has helped people young and old from all walks of life to find ease and enjoyment in how they move.

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Private Lessons

Private Alexander Lessons

In one-to-one lessons I guide you with my hands, to experience an easier way of standing, sitting, walking and breathing. By letting go of accumulated tension patterns that interfere with your natural balance, it is possible to rapidly move towards a state of ease, lightness and freedom of movement. Once you have touched this state then you can learn to cultivate it on your own. This can be extremely useful both for promoting healthy, integrated movement and for unlocking expression and flow in your work, your creative pursuits and your daily life.

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The Alexander Technique, developed by Fredrick Matthias in the 1890’s, is based on the idea that in the process of living we acquire habits that interfere with the optimal balance of our head neck and back and that this has a profound effect on how we function overall. These habits feel “normal” and like the only reasonable way that we can exist, but actually they reduce our freedom of movement and add a lot of “work” to the act of living. With the help of an Alexander teacher we can become consciously aware of what we are doing to interfere with our natural, easy balance, and can make conscious choices to remove this interference. Moreover, if we improve the relationship between our head, neck and back, all of the functions of our organism will improve including, breath, circulation, digestion, clarity of thought etc. So to sum up: easy balance = the clear signal that's always already present. extra tension/collapse = accumulated noise that interferes with that signal. If you learn to consciously choose to remove the noise then the original signal will come through loud and clear.

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