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Physical Theatre

The sublimely beautiful, tragic and hilarious story of the human experience is present in every move we make. My goal as a teacher is to guide people in the process of turning their individual creative impulses into performances that are powerful, both for them and for their audiences. I teach people to develop their own voices as creators and to learn, through consistent practice, the essential theatrical techniques that will make their performances work on stage.


I teach bespoke workshops and programs at universities and conservatories around the world and run trainings for professional performance companies.


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Theatrical Styles

Human Characters


Neutral Mask

Expressive masks

Grotesque / Buffon


Cabaret / Varrité

Developing Your Style

- Amplifying What is Present in Your Movement

- Using circus, dance and music as tools for expression

- Creating Your Unique Expressive Language

- Using Outside Inspiration to develop your work

- The Role of Music in Performance

Foundation Skills

Somatic Awareness

Entering the Creative State

Clarifying Movement

Creating Dramatic Space

Listening to Partners

Connecting with the Audience

Making it a Show

- Costume as an Amplification of Form

- Shape Space with Lighting & Sets

- From Structure to Details: Finishing Your Piece

-How to keep material fresh in every performance

Creating Material

Play: Acting & Reacting

Creation Through Improvisation

Play vs Choreography

Identifying & Developing Themes 

Timing & Rhythm

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