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Meet Pete

A fantastical comedy about the climate debate

Masks, Puppetry & Live Music

Peter Sweet & Leonie Baker | Director: Matteo Destro


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60 min. indoor

45 min. outdoor

English / German

All ages


Now available for touring in 2023!


The great wizard Burnhart and his loyal creature Pippa come to earth with a lofty ambition: to save the world! When they arrive, they find an epic mess and a cacophony of human voices in conflict with each other. 


Foolish Doom is the story of how they experience our world for the first time, from the depths of the jungle to the heart of New York City. They bring their tale to life with an original score performed live with piano, vocals and the wizard’s bombastic percussion wagon. 


With a fantastical mix of mask theater, music and puppetry, Foolish Doom enthralls children and adults alike.

Performers: Peter Sweet & Leonie Baker

Director & Mask-Maker: Matteo Destro

Costume Designer: Antonia Munaretti

Music Composer: Lorenzo Bergamino

Set Design: Christian Peter

Sound Designer: Dietmar Schmidt