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A wizard's quest to
unravel climate chaos

Kinzza Production

Meet Pete
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"A poetic force!"



Richard Kimberly

Festival Director


Show Info

Duration: 60 min Languages: English or German Age: Kids 8+ and adults Stage size: min. 4m deep x 5m wide Audience size:ca. 150 - 500 people Technical Rider: PDF Download School performances: UK/EU: Years 3 - 13 / US: 2nd - 12th Grade

Physical Theatre  ·  Puppetry  ·  Live Music

Foolish Doom embraces the messiness of humanity’s response to the climate crisis with unabashed honesty, inviting the audiences to unleash the power of laughter on todays’ climate of doom.

The great wizard Burnhart and his loyal companion Pippa descend upon earth with a lofty ambition: to save the world! When they arrive, they find an epic mess and a cacophony of conflicting human voices, proclaiming both enticing visions of the future and hellish dystopias. All the while, Earth's clock continues ticking... Will they succeed in unraveling the chaos?

Written & Co-Created by Matteo Destro, Peter Sweet & Leonie Baker


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Artistic Team

Director & Masks: Matteo Destro

Performers: Peter Sweet & Leonie Baker

Music Composition: Lorenzo Bergamino

Costumes: Antonia Munaretti

Set Design: Christian Peter

Sound Design: Dietmar Schmidt

Trailer: The Understory

Photos: Kinzza Production & David Poznic Photographry, Simon Reitzle

David Poznic Photography

David Poznic Photography

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